A Warrior is the most primitive and weakest found in many shitholes Civilization games. It is one of the few units that are available from the beginning, as it doesn't need any specific requirements. In fact, it only needs a mom and a dad to be made *wink* *wink*. The word "warrior" comes from the ancient roman word, warrius, which means kick-ass walrus...wrong translation. Anyway, there's many types of warriors, though we're talking about the puny, ancient warrior that has loincloths.


The close equivalent in Civ is the Militia, which costs 10 shields as Militia like to use a shield and carry 9 behind his back just in case. It is the default offered for building when a new city is built and no stronger cannon fodder unit is available.

Civilization IIEdit

Feudalism obsoletes this unit making it useless as useless it already is. Leonardo's Workshop "upgrades" it to Musketeers, meaning giving it a vest and a musket without training...just like most draftees.

Civilization IIIEdit

Upgrades to a Swordsman.

Civilization III: ConquestsEdit

Sumerian unique unit Enkidu Warrior replaces.

Civilization IVEdit

Incan unique unit Quechua replaces.

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