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Russia Flag

The new national flag.

Russians, who live in Motherland Russia with Moscow being its capital, are very poor at the moment because someone dissolved the previous government, and now the Chinese are probably laughing. The history of Russia may be boring, though if you don't listen then Russia will send its remaining Spetsnaz after you. Russia is also not the major exporter of the Russian Reversal jokes. The first Russian Reversal joke was made by a Capitalist pig as propaganda against the Motherland. As you see, Russia is too poor to talk sense into you, so if you're bored of this article, just visit the article of the now non-existent nation.

Military Edit

Russia currently has one of has...large army? Yea. The large army of Russia consists of 95,000 infantry, 850 Spetsnaz, 750 tanks, and some mind-washing powers. This is adequate military when your country is huge like Russia. This also helped invade Poland, the Baltic lands, and East Germany. Though, sadly, it wasn't enough to invade the damn Japanese with their kamikazes. This army is only the remains of the even larger army of the once Soviet Russia.

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