Polish Flag

The Flag of Poland.

The Polish, the ones who got conquered by Nazis(with the help of Russia) within a month, live in Poo-land which is west of Russia, east of Germany, south of the mythical "Vikings", and north of lots of Balkan countries which are not in the game because their inferior status compared to other superior countries like Zimbabwe. Very south of Poland, is Greece, where lots of greasy dictators and generals lived. The capital of Poland is Warsaw, but some people just renamed the capital to Krakow(Crow Shit). For some reason, Poland is not in some of the Civ games(including Civ 4). It's the size of Germany and had a important role in being conquered and being land-divided by the conquerors. It is even included in one of the Warlords scenarios, where some Mongolian warriors conquer most of Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.

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