Quote1If a man were literate in the medieval ages, he would be rich; If a man were literate today, he would at least be in Jack-in-the-Box.Quote2
— A humorous rich person

Literature, also known as Edu-meh-cation, is the way of reading. If a person is literate, it means he/she is expecting death able to read. Literature enabled many people to express their ideas on a piece of paper. But, the best thing that comes from Literature is the love and passion that books give the funny-ass books from the local library or wiki. Here is some list of books that many famous or semi-famous or peasant people have wrote and their little summary:

  • Guns, Steel, and Germans - Made by Ull Phillips - Why the Germans came to be.
  • Why I Kill for You - Made by an anonymous stalker - This is the reason I love you so.
  • French Wine: Perfect Wine - Made by Me'sour De Lum - The French wine, and its side effects.
  • Czar Tyrant - Made by Fat Peasant #8479 - The Czar Kingdom must fall!

Requirements/Leads To Edit

Requirements: Polytheism and the ABC's

Leads to: Music(with Mathematics)

Enables: Heroic Epic, National Epic, and Great Library

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