Quote1He-he, we have huge rods.Quote2
— A fisherman stating that they have huge fishing rods

Fishing is, a technology and, art of catching fish, clams, crab, and other water-thriving creatures. The way of catching these vicious fish is by placing fishermen on a Fishing Boat, this way the fishermen can fish anywhere they want in the coast. Fishing, some say, was made as a game for vicious warlords, where one person swims around the coast or a river and the other person tries to kill him/her with a spear before the time runs out and the sharks come back to their home and eat them. This, however, has been proven false by many "scientists", saying that Fishing most likely originated from cavemen getting fish from a river or pond with a spear.

Requirements/Leads To Edit

Requirements: none A bottle of ecstasy for the boredom of fishing.

Leads to: Sailing and Pottery(with a wheelie)

Enables: Fishing Boat and working on water tiles

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