Agriculture means plants or plant life. It happened when people hunted too much and ended up having a week supply of half-rotten meat, though they don't mind, they're ignorant, and when they started experimenting with the soil, plants, and other agricultural stuff, they started to figure that if you put a seed in soil, give it water time to time, let it have sunlight, then it would turn to a fruit. Though, the first try was with a poisonous plant seed, so when the plant was all-grown, they ate it, and ended up with vomiting and diarrhea. After that, many didn't want to go back to the agricultural life, but after 6 months they tried it again. Later, they grew gardens of food, thus agriculture began. Don't listen to some tribes, eating plants doesn't make you a woman or a potato, that's just ancient peace propaganda where they tell you to do stuff so your Civilization can fall and they can take your land.

Requirements/Leads To Edit

Requirements: None

Leads To: Trisexuality and Pots for Pot(with a wheel)

Enables: Farms

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